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Commercial & residential development throughout Roanoke and Southwest Virginia

Strategic Visioning // Creative Thinking // Collaboration

Cherney Development uses strategic visioning, creative thinking and collaboration between strategic partners to convert underutilized and underperforming properties into new spaces that help revitalize the region, the community and the people they serve.

Smart partnerships drive successful projects.

Collaboration is central to everything we do. Successful projects are born from a mix of the right idea backed up by the right resources and expertise to bring it to life. Cherney Development believes in the spirit of collaboration to make the most out of every project it undertakes.

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Jim Cherney

An entrepreneur at heart, Jim Cherney believes the transformation of property resources can help build a resilient and progressive city. In his 35+ years of experience, he has revitalized and managed various community real estate properties including multi-family housing, commercial buildings, retail and restaurant properties, self-storage, warehouse spaces, farms and more across Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland and DC. His forward-focused projects meet the needs of the current populations, with an eye toward the long-term needs of commerce and an evolving society.
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Jim Cherney Development Entrepreneur at Heart

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